Recycle More And Use A Responsible Rubbish Removal Company

Recycle More And Use A Responsible Rubbish Removal Company

London has a target to hit when it comes to rubbish. The capital must recycle at least 65% of all its waste by 2030, and there’s still a long way to go. Currently, anything that isn’t recycled goes to landfill sites up and down the country, and space is running out fast. The alternative is to burn the waste, but this adds to global warming and needs to be avoided. London residents need some encouragement and constuctive ideas to get them to send less waste to landfill so that everyone can get on board with it.

Ways to make recycling easier for London

  1. To make sure everyone in the home recycles their rubbish, make the job as easy as possible. Place the recycling bin next to the main bin so it’s no more difficult to separate the waste. Empty all the bins frequently so there is always plenty of room to recycle.
  1. If you have a party or family event, make sure that bottles and cans get separated by providing clearly marked bins for all the guests use. People are generally happy to do this if it is obvious where they need to put things.
  1. Try to take less packaging in the first place to help reduce the chore. Look at bringing things home in a canvas tote and without the extra little bags that shops often provide. Put the fruit and veg loose inside your bag, choose meat from the butcher and cheese from the deli counter to cut down on the amount of packaging you use. Take your own reusable cups and water bottles out with you to hold drinks, and pack lunch in a container you wash clean.
  1. Take unwanted clothing, books and kitchenware to charity shops, freshly cleaned of course. The items will be reused instead of being chucked away.
  1. Sell items on eBay, Facebook or other app sites even if you only get a few pounds for each thing. Again, this means your stuff will have a new life instead of ending up in the landfill.
  1. Use Freecycle to see if local people can reuse your unwanted furniture, carpets, building material and gardening equipment. They will usually come and collect it from you within a few days, and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say.

Need rubbish removal London for a build-up of waste?

There are times when a larger amount of waste has built up and it is difficult to recycle it yourself. After moving home or clearing out a garage or loft there can be a considerable pile of junk to get rid of in one go. This doesn’t mean it will end up in the landfill. You can call a responsible rubbish removal London company who can collect it, and reuse as much as possible.

Using Junk London to take away unwanted waste

Junk London is a fully licensed rubbish removal London company who dispose of waste in a responsible way. They use Waste Transfer Stations who sort, store and treat rubbish effectively. Junk London is one of the largest rubbish removal businesses in the city, and they offer a same-day service that can include collections at the weekend and evening. With a complete online booking system, this rubbish removal London business are easy and convenient to use.