How to Best Sell your Home in Bristol

How to Best Sell your Home in Bristol

Bristol is a thriving, young city where property is becoming increasingly higher in demand. As recent graduates look for alternatives to impossibly expensive cities such as London, Bristol presents itself as a very viable option, and if you own a home–then you may find yourself in a very lucrative position as a result of this interest. Of course, as with any location in the UK, there are certain considerations that you should make in the interest of selling your home in the best way possible. Below, we outline how to best sell your home in Bristol, so as to ensure that you profit as much as possible from this venture—with the least amount of effort and time as possible.

Find a Local Estate Agent

While opting for national estate agent chains is tempting, finding a local company that is well versed in your local area will ultimately reap far larger rewards for you. Local agents, based in Bristol, will know your neighbourhood—and be able to reference previous sales in the interest of ensuring that you secure the best offer. Local agents will also have local knowledge about schools and other selling points, meaning that they will be able to pitch a far better sale to potential buyers. They will also be readily available, and within reach, should any issues arise during or after the buying process.

Don’t Settle Immediately

Bristol is already progressing past the point of ‘Up and Coming’ and is now viewed as one of the top cities for recent graduates to move to, as they purchase their new home and begin to build their career. As a homeowner, this puts you in a difficult position, where you’re forced to evaluate whether you should settle for a reasonable offer—or wait for Bristol to become even more enticing to buyers, so as to secure yourself a substantial offer. In the interest of ensuring that you profit as much as possible, you should never settle for the first offer. Wait for other buyers to approach, and give yourself time to evaluate all your options (unless, of course, you must sell your home immediately due to extenuating circumstances), as this will ensure that you don’t miss better opportunities.

Consider Redecorating

Bristol is home to many creative designers who will be able to assist you in redecorating your home. If you feel as though your home is being undervalued by estate agents, then you may consider commissioning the work of an interior designer, in the interest of helping you stage and better present your home to both agents and potential buyers. This is a small, short term investment that will pay off in the long term as it increases the value of your property.