Here’s Why Your Dryer Vent Can Be A Fire Hazard And Tips To Prevent Dryer Fires

Here’s Why Your Dryer Vent Can Be A Fire Hazard And Tips To Prevent Dryer Fires

Dryer fires sound like a myth or an old wives tale that people say to get everyone to clean out the dryer vents regularly. If you end up getting professional dryer vent cleaning Winchester VA done because of this warning, you are doing a great job. Why? Because dryer fires are very real. In fact, over 15,500 dryer fires occur every year and cause up to 10 deaths as well as 10 injuries as a result.

Knowing the truth about these fires can help you avoid them. Here are some facts about dirty dryers and their dangers:

What Causes A Dryer Fire?

There are two major components that can lead to a clothes dryer fire. First is the excessive accumulation of lint inside the vent, the second component is a reduced airflow inside the machine. Lint is a highly combustible substance and when exposed to high temperatures such as those caused by a blocked vent and an overheating dryer, it will ignite and cause a fire.

Other Causes Of A Dryer Fire

Aside from excessive lint build up and the lack of professional dryer vent cleaning Winchester VA companies perform, the location of the dryer is also a factor when it comes to starting a fire. Many dryers are located inside a small laundry room where temperatures can rise relatively quickly. Some are located in the basement and are left unmonitored when in use which makes detecting fires harder.

A machine error or faulty electrical wiring can also be the cause of a dryer fire, which is why it is important to get your dryers checked by a technician regularly.

Simple Ways To Prevent Dryer Fires

Although there is no 100% guarantee that a machine error or faulty wiring won’t result in a dryer fire, there are several ways to reduce the risk of starting a fire inside the home. Here are a few tips worth following to ensure the safety of everyone at home:

1 – Clean Dryers Regularly

It is not enough to just empty the lint catcher, the dryer vents must be professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning will depend on how many times the dryer is used and how much laundry is being dried per load. An expert dryer cleaner will gladly assist you with any future scheduling.

2 – Keep The Laundry Room Well-Ventilated

If it is impossible to move the washer and dryer to a bigger room in the house, at least keep the room well-ventilated while the dryer is in use. Simple actions like opening the laundry room door or placing a small electric fan inside the room will help keep the temperature of the machine and the room cool.

3 – Avoid Overusing The Dryer

The moment you notice that the room and the machine is starting to feel hot, allow your machine to rest at least a few hours before using it once more. Overuse of the dryer can lead to overheating of the vents and the machine itself which can trigger a fire. Avoid using the dryer consecutively every day to help prolong its life while also keeping the home safe.

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