Few of The Most Popular Types of Bathroom Tiles

Few of The Most Popular Types of Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles can make a lot of difference in the appearance of your bathroom, which also reflects your personal style and taste too. Therefore, you need to make your tile selection very carefully.

Following are few different types of popular tiles from Carreaux Metro.

  1. Porcelain tiles

If you are looking for long-lasting tiles then porcelain tiles can be the right material to choose for. It is not only durable but also highly water-resistant and does not get scratches or stain so easily.

  1. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles use same material as other types of tiles but it is less finely ground. Therefore, this kind of tiles are bit less water resistant. However, if they are sealed properly then it can be the most durable option.

  1. Marble tiles

If you are looking for luxury then marble tiles will be an ultimate choice. You can really add texture to the design of your bathroom. This type of tiles works well for both traditional as well as modern bathrooms.

  1. Mosaic tiles

This kind of tiles are preferred for fashionable bathrooms. There will be number of tiling materials e.g. marble, ceramic and glass are used for such tiles. Usually they are smaller in size and when they are pieced together it gives a fascinating look.

  1. Limestone tiles

For a natural-toned design, this kind of tiles can be an ideal choice. It can certainly bring warmth in your bathroom.

  1. Slate tiles

If your bathroom will have very high traffic, you will prefer to have robust and long-lasting finish then this kind of tiles will be the right choice. It will be almost impossible to develop scratching or chipping on such tiles.

  1. Vinyl tiles

This is a low maintenance type of tile and also can be a cost-effective option. It can also offer a very beautiful look to your bathroom. You can also mimic the look of wood or any stone by using such tiles.

  1. Pebble tiles

This is also called river rock tiles and quite popular among them who prefer to have a natural look in their bathroom. They can provide a highly decorative appearance and also can be well-preserved for many years.

  1. Terracotta tiles

In case, you are looking for producing Mediterranean vibration in your bathroom then you can prefer such kind of tiles.

  1. Glass tiles

Glass is the easiest tiling material to customise and hence perfect for your bathroom.

You can find them in many different colours and shades.