Application of Mud Jacking in Repairing a Foundation

Mud jacking is an easy and inexpensive technique that is the best for settling issues with your concrete.

Also known as slan jacking, slab leveling, concrete lifting also involves lifting concretes which has settled in drilling holes.

It is important to add that when repairing a home, a professional Level Home Foundation Repair should be contacted for expert knowledge of soil conditions and their requirements.

Mud Jacking has Two Primary Implementations for Repairing a Foundation:

Fill Voids: Most foundation problems are usually caused by the foundation settling which a foundation contractor can easily settle by leveling the sections of a foundation with push piers. Through this, the voids are repaired and the foundation settled.

Raising Interior Floor: Most times the interior part of the slab foundation settles, what you do in this case is to use mud jacking to return it to its original position. This can be done by drilling two (2) holes through the slab areas that have settled and pumping a mixture of slurry underneath the concrete which lifts the slab back to its position.

Benefits of Mud Jacking in Repairing a Foundation

There are many benefits to using the mud jacking process in the repair of a home:

  • It can be done in any kind of weather
  • It is quicker than the traditional method of ‘ripping and replacing approach’ where the contractor breaks the concrete, removes and replaces it. Mud jacking can be completed in less than 24 hours, but this depends on the size of the job.
  • When you use mud jacking, you can use home immediately after repair. Let me explain, when you use mud jacking, the slurry takes 24 to 48 hours to finish cure while the traditional replaced concrete has at least 28 days to cure before it is ready to use or can carry any load.