9 Tips On How To Create An Effective Office Fire Evacuation Plan

9 Tips On How To Create An Effective Office Fire Evacuation Plan

It’s important to have a fire evacuation plan in an office environment that is quick to understand and easy to follow. When there’s a Westminister Fire, you have to be able to vacate the premises seamlessly together with everyone that’s also inside. Having an effective plan reduces non-fire casualties.

In an office environment, doors may not be as wide when compared to other establishments. Though it may be unheard of, it’s actually more common to get injured during the stampede that happens instead of the fire itself. Below are some tips that you should follow and implement in your office for an effective fire evacuation plan.

  1. Assign a leader

There should always be an assigned leader who will take care of the evacuation in case there is one. Designate someone who can react accordingly even while everyone’s already panicking. Have another one as a backup just in case.

  1. Identify the best escape route

There should never be only one escape route for the entire office. There should be multiple points of exit. If there’s only one main exit, there should still be a way for everyone to get out of their respective areas separately.

  1. Evaluate the likely sources of fire

Certain rooms will be more likely to catch fire in an office environment. For example, a room with a lot of paperwork inside of it may be more likely to sustain a fire longer because of the number of materials that the fire can run through.

  1. Implement emergency lights in escape zones

When you’ve identified the multiple escape zones, you should add emergency lights in these zones. This will help during the escape especially when the smoke during a Westminister fire causes the visibility to become low.

  1. Informing the authorities

Work with the authorities to add a way to inform them without having to call whenever there is a fire in the office space. This could be in the form of an emergency button or a quick dial phone.

  1. Include everything in the memo

When sending out a memo for the Westminister fire evacuation plan, everything should be stated as clearly as possible. There should also be blueprints of the office space included to give the reader an idea of where they are.

  1. Account for the number of people in the office

How many people are in the office at any given time? If the foot traffic varies on days or hours, you should have a clear plan during these particularly busier times to make it easier for the people to evacuate.

  1. Provide fire evacuation equipment

If necessary, you should provide equipment that the people in the office can use to assist their attempt when evacuating during a fire.

  1. Have a plan B

If the fire evacuation plan that you have implemented can’t be followed, there should be another way to maintain self-preservation during a fire inside the office. There could be an unused room which may be used as a shelter-in-place.

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