7 Signs You Have A Slab Leak At Home

7 Signs You Have A Slab Leak At Home

It’s no secret that house maintenance requires a lot of effort and usually a lot of expenses as well. However, all responsible homeowners and landlords know that the key to avoiding expensive repair jobs is to detect problems as early as possible and get them fixed right away. One plumbing problem can that can lead to serious issues and expensive repair costs when left undetected for an extended period is a slab leak.

To avoid possible structural damage on your property due to a slab leak, here are the telltale signs to watch out for:

#1 – Sudden Increase In Water Bills

There are many reasons why your water bill suddenly increases despite not changing anything in your daily routine. A trusted Carrollton plumbing professional can quickly check for possible leaks, but if they do not find any, it might be due to a slab leak which cannot be seen above the ground.

#2 – A Drop In Water Pressure

When the pipes under your home start to leak, the water pressure can get affected. If you detect issues with water pressure that cannot be explained, it is best to call the Carrollton plumbing company to check if there is a slab leak and get it repaired at once.

#3 – Hot Spot Formation On The Floor

A very obvious indicator of a busted hot water line under the slab is the formation of a hot spot on the floor. While this sign is very easy to detect, it only occurs when the hot water line is broken, but not when other water lines are affected.

#4 – Water Pooling On Floors

A very serious sign that there is a slab leak is when pools of water start to form on the floor when no one has showered. This means that there is a very strong leak underneath the house and it is causing water to seep in through the walls. Pool formation means the leak should be fixed right away or it will cause more problems in the very near future.

#5 – Signs Of Mold And Mildew

Whether the mold and mildew are seen or if the smell is detected, there is a problem that requires addressing. Mold and mildew only grow in areas that are constantly damp, a slab leak creates the perfect environment.

#6 – Signs On The Floor

A slab leak will cause water to go up and push on the floors of the home. Signs can be seen as damp carpets, water spots on concrete floors, or the warping of hardwood floors. These are signs that mean the leak needs to be fixed right away, if not it will only continue to damage your floors further.

#7 – Cracked Foundation

Cracked floors and foundation means that the structural integrity of your home is being affected by a slab leak. Don’t wait until your house becomes a danger zone before getting the leak repaired. If you don’t get the problem fixed right away, you will end up paying a lot more while also putting everyone in your home in grave danger.

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