7 Metal Staircase Design Ideas And Construction Tips

7 Metal Staircase Design Ideas And Construction Tips

Unless every corner of your house is filled with automatic elevators, a staircase is an indispensable part of your domicile most especially if you have a second floor. Different house functions would dictate the design of your stairs. A house or building that will have a lot of work going up and down the stairs would dictate a grand staircase in the middle that will accommodate the different people moving and carrying things around. In light of this, we came up with 7 ideas and tips for your staircase designs. welding companies in maryland and around the world are integral to every industry and household, especially for your construction and designing needs. Consulting their professional help will save a lot of time and get the job done in maximizing every space of your house.

Stairs that Conceal

When it comes to practicality, a stairway that leads to the basement or another room is a good choice. This type of stairway conceals a hidden room or passageway underneath that can lead to another part of the house or building.

Stairway with Storage

Another practical choice for a stairway is one that already has a storage room underneath. A row of drawers and cabinets underneath the stairs also serves the same function to maximize the space.

Beside the Door

A staircase serves its practicality especially if it connects its inhabitants to the main door. A staircase like that can serve as a fire exit especially for those coming from the upper floors. It should not take another room for the inhabitants to get to the stairs as much as possible.

Wrap-around Stairs

Do you want to save up space? Is your house too small for a grand staircase? A wrap-around stair is customized to minimize space as much as possible and serves as a practical choice to connect the different floors without taking up much space.

Metal Stairs

While looking too industrial if not arranged properly, a metal staircase can serve as a comfortable and budget-friendly staircase if properly planned and executed by a proper welding company. Less heavy in appearance, metal staircases are perfect for both spiral and straight designs and hence not take up much space as a potential advantage depending on the design.


If you are aiming to stick to a budget plan, it works best to seek help from a joiner or plan your staircase design with an already existing joiner working on a present project. If you have a design in mind, you can buy the staircase from a DIY shop or merchant. You can also consult your local welding company for a list of existing projects and designs that you can choose from to accommodate your staircase needs.

Grand or Hidden

Depending on your intention and the use of the staircase, its function and design including how it is to be constructed will either be grand for the eyes to see or even practically hidden or even a combination of both kinds of stairways. A hidden staircase works best for workers that need to move around for errands quickly while the grand one is usually used for workers with main functions in moving around the building that usually leads to public offices on the upper floors.

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