11 Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement

11 Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement

No matter how resilient your roof is, it needs to be replaced at some point. According to roofing contractors Hanover PA, a roof’s life can range anywhere from 20 to 30 years. But depending on the situation and how well you maintain it, the pace of its natural wear and tear can be slowed down or sped up.

In this read, we’re rounding up 11 must-know tips to make sure your residential place is ready for roof replacement.

Explain the situation to your children

If you have kids, you need to talk to them about the roof replacement. Discuss with them how dangerous this thing can be and how they should avoid going near the designated work zone.

Consider staying in another house

If you wish to secure everyone’s safety (including your pets), you can also consider staying at a relative or a friend’s house nearby. Make sure that the location is proximal to your house so you can check every now and then the progress of the project.

Park your vehicle/s in a safe place

Like what many roofing contractors Hanover PA advise, you’d also need to relocate your vehicle/s. This is to prevent it/them from getting damaged (and incurring you more expenses) once the construction begins.

Cover the belongings you keep in the attic

If you can’t clear out your attic (the area that will immediately get affected by the roof replacement), make sure you cover the belongings you keep in there.

Remove any wall decoration

Also, you’d need to remove any wall decoration you have at home. These household items are fragile and very prone to damage. Especially if they already have a sentimental value, you would want to keep them somewhere safe.

Secure your windows

During a roofing replacement project, debris and other falling material can scratch your windows. Before the replacement begins, your roofers should protect them by placing wooden boards.

Move any outdoor furniture away from the work zone

Apart from your house’s interior, you should also pay attention to the furniture and other stuff found outside your residential space. If there are tables or benches within and near the work zone, make sure to move them away to avoid getting scratched or damaged.

Protect your landscape design

Your landscape design shouldn’t be compromised when you embark on a roof replacement endeavor. Place netting over your plants and mark important spots like ponds and sprinklers so your roofers can keep these areas protected.

Prune trees and cut your grass

It would also be beneficial for your roofers if your trees are pruned and grasses are cut before they begin with their work. This will help them gain easy access to your roof, and find any debris or hazardous items (e.g. Nails) during and once the project is done.

Identify and label accessible power outlets

Roofing contractors Hanover PA use electricity-powered tools when replacing roofs. Double check if there are accessible outlets within the work zone and inspect if they are working. Label them accordingly so they can be easily identified.

Inform your neighbors

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to inform your neighbors beforehand. This will help minimize the inconvenience your other people may experience while your roof is being replaced.

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